Wet Electric Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully!

Agreement of these terms is equivalent to a digital signature on a contract. All sales are final. Cancellation of an order is not permitted after the order is processed. If the event is cancelled you will receive a refund minus the service charge which is never refundable. If you encounter any issues at the event, you must contact the seller within 5 business days following the originally scheduled date in order to request a refund and failure to do so will waive your right to a refund. Not all refund requests will be honored. You cannot exchange items of your order purchased for other items from this website. You cannot exchange items of your order purchased for money to use as credit on this website. Regardless of situations such as inclement weather, a natural disaster, extended waits in line at the venue, family emergencies and medical emergencies a refund will not be issued. All event personnel have the right to refuse entry to any ticket holder, without a refund, for any reason at their discretion. Venue and talent are subject to change without notice and are not grounds for a refund. Anything promised by the promoter that is unfulfilled is not guaranteed by the seller and is not grounds for a refund.

Service fee: A non-refundable service fee will be charged by activated events (wet electric) and will appear on your merchant credit card statement. Total amount is shown at checkout. By agreeing to these terms you signify that you understand and agree to this service fee.

Customer Service: If you have a problem regarding the TicketSocket website please contact us at info@activatedevents.com